covid19 and tulsa real estate

StickyCovid-19 and Tulsa Real Estate: With a Yellow Caution, The Business Continues With Social Distancing

In every real estate market cycle, there will be buyers and sellers who simply have to buy and sell. With...

StickyHow Covid-19 could impact the greater Tulsa housing market

It almost quite surreal that COVID-19, a diseased caused such a disruption, and has the potential to change nearly every facet of life for the foreseeable future, and Tulsa, Oklahoma...
Telepresent Real Estate Social Distancing Transactions

StickyCovid-19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma: House Market is on edge; How to Buy Houses While Maintaining Social Distancing

The impact of Coronavirus and the Tulsa, Oklahoma housing market is impacting sellers and buyers, but one Realtor, Jessica Ford offers buyers social distancing. The coronavirus including the Covid-19 virus...
Coronavirus aka covid-19 and Tulsa Housing Market
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Learn Simple Tips For Buying Real Estate Without These Common Frustrations

The Tulsa property market can be confusing, as well as acquiring a residential property is often stressful. When watching potential...

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