Covid-19 and Tulsa Real Estate: With a Yellow Caution, The Business Continues With Social Distancing

In every real estate market cycle, there will be buyers and sellers who simply have to buy and sell. With the COVID-19, the Tulsa real estate business for most Realtors have turned bright red, for innovative Realtors like us, we had to push the yellow caution button but refuse to hit the red button.

According to various reports, open houses were very low since most buyers are practicing social distancing this past week and many sellers have switched to “by appointment only” format, ensuring that only one viewing group tours the property at a time. Other buyers are opting for virtual property tours-completed by their real estate agents to practice social distancing from their homes.

There is a rise for serious buyers to work with Realtors that have embraced technology that would allow the buyers to maintain total social separation, be walked through the entire buying process virtually. Very few Realtors are capable of offering their clients complete social distancing and walk them through the buying process.

Our industry is seeing a substantial need for preventive measures. Those agents who toured properties with agents today reported numerous precautions in place from booties for shoes, alcohol wipes for door handles (no one is touching metal surfaces), hand sanitizer or hand washing at both the beginning and the end of each show. Many listing agents conducted showings wearing masks and disposable gloves.

In today’s real estate market, showings really are unnecessary since buyer agents who have the latest technical abilities can give their buyers a first-class tour using telepresent gear. Most of the real estate industries are debating on canceling all property showings for the next two weeks-however we feel that as agents we can provide the virtual property tours that give our buyers the options to stay home, be safe, and view the house in real-time using the latest telepresence technology.

For some in the real estate industry, they are looking at their moral positioning and may follow along with all the other mandates that have happened in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma market. Such as public school closures, prohibiting gatherings of 50 or more people, and closing restaurants and bars.

Trained, seasoned real estate agents can provide a telepresent service directly for their clients and can show under these conditions and a few will continue to do so on behalf of buyers who believe they have an opportunity now, or sellers who cannot wait several weeks or months to sell again.

We have enormous advances in listing, showing, and inspection technology which makes it easier than ever to view and gain insight about properties live and online. Buyers can learn about properties right from their own living while practicing social distancing and working with a buyers agent that offers them advanced showing solutions, virtual property inspections, e-contracts, and e-deposits, and e-closing so buyers can buy with ease, safety, and social distancing.

At Jessica Ford & Associates, Tulsa Realtor we understand and know that buyers want to view a property for themselves but in today’s real estate market, we can provide our buyer’s safety, social distancing, and they can view the property live using the latest telepresent technology. We have developed the process that will empower buyers to buy and keep social distancing on their terms. If your ready to buy and desire social distancing reach out to Jessica Ford, Tulsa Realtor at 918-402-1813

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