Covid-19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma: House Market is on edge; How to Buy Houses While Maintaining Social Distancing

The impact of Coronavirus and the Tulsa, Oklahoma housing market is impacting sellers and buyers, but one Realtor, Jessica Ford offers buyers social distancing. The coronavirus including the Covid-19 virus itself has home sellers on edge and they are withdrawing listings on the homes that are being sold with sellers as occupants. We are seeing a rise of vacant and available homes up for sale ranging from new construction model homes to vacant seller homes. Homebuyers are opting for those, first.

Homebuyers are not as much on edge however the traditional methods that Realtors do to do business are going to impact Realtors. One, Tulsa Realtor is paving the way to new social distancing methods using technology to provide social distancing services for home buyers and sellers alike.

Homebuyers can still buy and practice social distancing by working with Jessica Ford and Associates. Homebuyers are buying land, acreages, new construction model homes, office buildings, existing vacant homes, and existing seller homes. We have not slowed down one bit since the coronavirus-all that we have chosen to do was to come up with social distancing solutions that work best for our buyer and seller clients in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

We understand that it is a bit “crazy” which has been on the mind of Realtors since Thursday, the next day after the WHO first called the outbreak a global crisis that has hit home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then we saw a last-minute Thunder game shut down with approximately 18,000 fans with an announcement that followed with the National Basketball Association’s suspension of all game for the rest of the season.

It’s kinda like a snow-globe was turned upside down because of the rapid temporary distribution and the ripple effects it will continue to cause. However, we are Americans and we will bounce back rapidly. Mortgage interests are very low and there is less competition on the real estate market as homebuyers can buy homes that would have normally had sold super fast.

The real estate market has now shifted to a buyers market, especially for those who are serious about buying, building, or investing in real estate. It’s an excellent time to buy a home while practicing social distancing. Let our professional walk you through the process step by step.

Due to the coronavirus, many Realtors and Sellers alike are concerned about the coronavirus and their ability to sell their homes for sale. But with our social distancing practices, we can make the homebuyer social distancing experience the best way possible so that you can buy now, enjoy low fixed interest rates, and move into your new home-all by practicing social distancing.

Our team has devised a 3 part solution for homebuyers to buy a home, inspect it, and close on it, all while practicing social distancing. For those buyers who are seriously looking to buy and get the best real estate opportunities in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area please contact us at 918-402-1813.

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