Seller Popular Questions
What are your Listings' Average Days on Market?

You should always ask to see how long our listings sit on the market. In fact, we will provide you a custom MLS comparable market analysis and share with our clients what the average days on market are for their home. Then, with our robust marketing team, we often get our sellers top dollar, in record-breaking times. Why? We invest more money into each listing and have the ability to blast qualified buyers to your listing that want to tour your property because we have told them a unique story behind that door.

What is your List-to-Price Ratio?

Our average list-to-price ration is above the industry market average due to the fact that our team specializes in telling a unique story about your home, so it stands out among the competition. If the property is in up to date standards then you can potentially expect that our team will deliver the results above the average for your area.

How do you plan to Market the Home?

We meet with you, tour the property, and formulate a unique story about your home. Then our team of marketing experts goes to work to tell that story and to drive qualified buyers to your home, so you potentially get top dollar, in a record-breaking time frame.

Buyer's Popular Questions
How will you help me hunt for the perfect home in this competitive market?

I specialize in helping clients find the perfect land, home, build, or investment properties. Since my team and I are highly connected we have access to "on-market" and "off-market" move-in ready homes, new construction model homes, and investment properties.

Do you have a network that I can gain access to?

Yes, we are a boutique real estate company that has extensive knowledge and local connections that will help you achieve your goals from real estate attorneys, to inspectors, to lending partners, to home warranties, to title companies, to everything and anything that you may need.

How can you help me if I decide to build a new home?

I have helped my clients buy the perfect acreage to land lot to build a new home. I am very familiar with the building processes and with working with the lenders. I am your liason through out the entire process from start to finish with any builder. By having me on your team, I can hear what the builder is saying and speak your language to move your new construction build forward. Plus, I will ask the builder questions that you may not readily even know to ask about like dirt work, drainage, covenants, sewer to septic, utility lines, fiber optic cables for the internet, and so much more. Plus the builder pays for my services to represent you as a professional builder buyer agent. This is an area where you just don't want to take the builders word for it-they do cut corners if you are a novice. but with me on your team-we get you the best package that money can purchase and give you peace of mind about your big investment.

Investing Popular Questions
Can you help me hunt and find the perfect investment property?

Yes, my team and I have over 20 years of experience with investing in real estate from residential to large commercial properties. Just let us know what you are looking for we will bring you the deals on a silver platter that meets your real estate investment goals.

Do you have access to investment funding sources that we can be referred to?

We can refer you to short term, bridge, long term, and crowdfunding sources to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

If we wanted to buy multiple investment properties, what is the process with you to do that?

We just create an investor profile with you and begin to hunt properties through our various connections to find you the perfect real estate investment deals that meet your criteria.

How do you structure the commissions?

It all depends, and we will discuss that with you on a deal by deal basis.

If we buy a as-is property, repair it, could you then be our selling agent?

In fact, I specialize in providing that type of service to my professional investment buyers now. Yes, we can discuss the details as we go.

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